• Best Skydiving Experience
    Those who face the challenge of plummeting through the air say it’s an unforgettable experience. We want to reward those who make this possible.
  • Best Ziplining and Tree Top Adventure
    All of the amazing things nature has to offer with a touch of adrenaline. We want to celebrate the best ziplining and tree top adventures in the country.
  • Best Rafting Experience
    Navigating treacherous rapids is one of those family adventures that can create fantastic memories. Nominate the companies that offer the best experience in the country.
  • Best Track Experience
    Track days or driving experiences… Driving a powerful machine at a high speed is an adventure made possible thanks to trustworthy organizers. Nominate them for the award.
  • Best Bungee Jumping Experience
    They might be the best because of the height of the bungee jumping, because of the amazing staff that makes sure everyone is safe, or because they are at the best location… Let us know what makes your bungee jumping experience the best in the country.
  • Best Abseiling Experience
    Abseiling down a mountain is harder than it looks. And it is the staff involved or the location of the experience that can make it memorable.
  • Best Caving Experience
    England has one of the best caving systems in the world and it’s worth exploring them. We want to hear from the companies and people that offer this adventure.
  • Best Tandem Paragliding/Parasailing Experience
    Who doesn’t wish to fly like a bird? Tandem paragliding is one of those experiences… We are looking for companies that offer the adventure.
  • Best Climbing Experience
    Indoors or outdoors. Climbing rocks or walls. Climbing is an exercise that strengthens your whole body. Nominate the best places or experiences for climbing.
  • Best Quad Biking/ATV Experience
    When you want the adrenaline of the rush but also the amazing views of nature, quad biking and ATV driving can give you the best of both worlds. Nominate the best experiences in the country.
  • Best Kayaking/Canoeing Experience
    The UK has plenty of rivers, lakes and canals to explore and one of the best ways of doing so is by kayaking or canoeing.
  • Best Archery Experience
    Bows and arrows flying at targets. But does your archery experience hit the bullseye?
  • Best Camping Park
    Sometimes all it takes to have an amazing adventure is a tent and an amazing location. We are looking for the best camping parks in the UK.
  • Best Team Building Activity
    To encourage team work, communication and cooperation, team building activities present challenges and a lot of fun. We are looking for the best team building activities in the country, done outdoors or indoors.
  • Best Trampoline Park
    Not all adventures are outdoors. Trampoline parks bring an extra touch of fun to children and adults alike.
  • Best Clay Pigeon Shooting Activity
    An activity for the entire family, shooting clay pigeons can be fun. Nominate the best activities in the UK.
  • Best Indoor or Outdoor Skiing Experience
    On the mountains of Cumbria or on dry slopes all over the UK, skiing is a fun activity that can be done all year-round. Nominate the best skiing experiences in the country.
  • Best Paintball Experience
    A fun activity with friends, paintballing can also be full of adrenaline. We are looking for the best paintballing experiences in the UK.
  • Best Go Karting Experience
    For the adventurers that want to experience the velocity and thrill of a race, go karting is an excellent option. Let us know what are the best Go Karting experiences in the nation.
  • Best Hot Air Balloon Experience
    A ride in a hot air balloon will give you a completely different view of the world. Nominate the best experiences in the country.
  • Best Indoor Adventure
    Laser tag, escape rooms, BMX parks. We want to recognise the best indoor adventures in the UK.
  • Best Farm Parks
    Experiencing life in a farm is a great adventure, especially for small kids. Nominate the best farm parks in the UK.
  • Best Horse Riding Experience
    Horse riding is a fun activity for children and adults. We want to recognise the best companies offering this opportunity to people all around the UK.

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